Titleist 913d2 driver shaft options for r11s

Comparing the titleist 9 d2 to the 9 d3 3balls blog. According to titleist vp of marketing chris mcginley, the new 9 driver adds more length over the older 910 driver. My birthday is on the tenth of october and hope i can make a education. Currently the 9s and the sldrs are neck and neck as of this writing, with 15 wins each, so we thought wed. Titleist 9 d2 driver fitting club fitting team titleist. A lot of the settings vary not only do to ones swing but the shaft selection and shaft profile of the selected shaft. The titleist 9d3 driver is a classic, pearshaped driver that is designed for the better golfer. Please let us know if you have any other questions. It was pure titleist, great sounds, solid feel, and excellent distance. Golf usa of manhattan offers over 100 different custom shafts from aldila, fujikura, graphite design, mitsubishi, project x and more.

More surprising is the way the movable weight is implemented it looks like. The weight distribution and balance is just amazing in the 9d2. Apr 03, 20 control the weight and shot trajectory by altering the removable weight. In this case, adjusting the hosel could be a confusing option. A nice added bonus in the 915 driver series in the inclusion of the much acclaimed aldila rogue shafts in the stock lineup. Find great deals on ebay for titleist 9 driver shaft and titleist 9 driver shaft regular. Description titleist 910 d2 driver the titleist 910 d2 driver delivers longer distance through a technologically advanced head design with a responsive, fast face insert that creates a ballspeed area that is 15% larger than other drivers.

Personally unlike most old schoolers i think the adjustable drivers and fws are the greatest thing since sliced bread. The 9d2 driver is available in 5 standard lofts, one standard lie and one standard length. When i was waiting to be fit, i was practicing with the 9 d2 9. The shaft makes a slightly longer than standard length driver 45.

Sep 23, 2014 you can ideally swap your shaft out for nearly anything that will fit into your clubhead, but its always a good idea to choose one of the shafts the club manufacturer suggests for your driver. Graphite diamana 62 gram stiff flex new grip g4004. Buy titleist 9d2 driver9d3 driver fairway golf usa. Find a fitting location by using the search tool below or calling 1888 titleist. Shop by club type such as driver shaft, hybrid shaft, fairway wood shaft. Mar, 20 as such the titleist 9 d2 and d3 are the best in the titleist line, and because titleist entered the adjustable hosel craze a year or two after some other companies, they seem to have skipped right to the solid phase. There is also a choice of 3 new shafts with the titleist 917 driver and the idea is that you get the best shaft, loft and lie for you and then fine tune it with the surefit cg weight.

Please like this so i can become a full member to enter tests a. The titleist 9 d2 is a high performance, 460cc full pear shaped driver. How to choose the right shaft flex for the rocketballz driver. Choosing shafts for titleist 915 drivers 3balls blog. A rear weight lowers the center of gravity that increases launch angle and increases moment of inertia to stabilize the face when the ball is struck offcenter. Add them to your team titleist bag and let other members know what youre playing with. Hi, with the four options in stock shafts that comes with the 9 d2 driver. Find the perfect deal for titleist golf club shafts with free shipping on many items at ebay. The performance is particularly noteworthy given the length of xhots shaft 46. Compared with its brother, the 9d3, the 9d2 has a slightly larger head 460cc as opposed to 445cc and delivers slightly more spin and forgiveness on offcenter hits. The titleist 9 d2 is a high performance, 460cc full pear shaped driver that delivers exceptional distance and forgiveness. First, if i were to order a titelist kaili 65 reg shaft from my authorized dealer for my 910 d3, how long will it take.

The 9, like the 910 and 909 and others before it, has a great sound at impact. At the time of its debut, it was considered titleists most playable and forgiving driver along with the tourlevel 9d3. Buy the titleist 9d2 driver from 2nd swing and get a great deal by trading in your used clubs for the highest values in the business. Every two years like clockwork, titleist launches a new model. Slightly smaller than the 9d2 at 445cc the d3 has similar technology.

Since the mid 2000s, the average driver length on the pga tour has held steady at 44. Adjusting the hosel of a titleist 9 d2 driver 3balls blog. As always, we would recommend a customfit session as a must. Click on the custom fit icon to see and select your shaft. Titleist 9 d2 driver to get the most out of your game, you need to get the most out of your equipment. Shoot around 95105 but dont usually count penalties, penalty enough if you lose a ball. The titleist 9 provides total performance and playability, with uncompromised looks, sound and feel. Titleist ts2, ts3 and ts4 golf drivers deliver speed, distance, and incredible performance. Titleist releases their 9 line in late octoberearly november, pings stuff is a bit older.

So this year, i wanted to start all over again with a titleist driver. Flex is the rating of a golf club shafts ability to bend during the swing. Pga professional mark crossfield hits the titleist 9 driver in the d2 460cc head and the d3 445 cc head size. Titleists 9d2 driver provides golfers with precise accuracy, forgiveness, long drives, playability, and a look that can only be found in a titleist driver. Perhaps your used titleist driver didnt come with a handy guide. Taylormades r11 heads coupled with their flight control tips. The best way to truly appreciate the complete performance of titleist golf clubs, achieve total confidence on every shot, and shoot lower scores, is to experience titleist club fitting for yourself. Oct 17, 2014 most hardcore fans of professional golf are familiar with the driver derby.

Personally, i would start at d4 adding a little loft on the d3. Correct setting 9 driver club fitting team titleist. This shaft is a good place to start if youre just getting into or back at the game of golf. Not to mention custom grips, shaft lengths, shaft tipping and more. Titleist is also an extremely strong leader in the golf ball market.

I purchased a used d2 9 driver with a diamana blue 72 regular shaft. Titleist 9 d2 d3 driver testing rick shiels pga youtube. The shaft has an aftermarket tipadapter as well as a newer black widow grip. The golf works 3 pack universal golf shaft extensions graphite or steel shafts. I hit driver average about 260270 yards at 5000 feet and carry it about 250 yards. All stock shafts were tested with a stiff shaft and a titleist 9 d2 driver in the standard a1 surefit position and standard weight. I love it, launches the ball on a great trajectory, not to high, not to low. An improved cg location and rear surefit tour weight creates more distance by optimizing the launch and reducing the spin.

Find out if titleist s ts golf clubs are the best fit for your game. Check with us at for the best prices on used titleist 915 drivers. It appears that you were not fitted for this club and purchased it off the rack. Its a 460cc driver head, but it really doesnt look or feel like it. My driver swing speed is around 110120, and i play the titleist ahina 72 stiff flex shaft. Titleist s 9d2 driver provides golfers with precise accuracy, forgiveness, long drives, playability, and a look that can only be found in a titleist driver. Aside from that the other features from the titleist 915 driver. The 917d2 is very round, abandoning the pear shape that titleist has been known for. D3 is one of the few drivers that is less than the max 460cc. It was also touted to have additional distance over the older 910d2. Titleist is well represented on the pga tour as well as most international competitive tours. The titleist 910 driver was a big jump for titliest into the adjustable driver market.

See what mark thinks of the latest offering from titleist golf and the new. This year, among the leading contenders for champion are the titleist 9d2 drivers and taylormades sldr drivers. This is my third season playing golf, and last year i took my driver out of my bag altogether. Hi, with the four options in stock shafts that comes with the 9 d2 driver, without actually hitting them, which is a best bet for me. Also, i liked it so much i bought the fairway metal 2 days after i received the driver. Adjustability options the surefit hosel allows fitters to adjust loft, lie and shafts easily to find the perfect combination for your swing. The titleist 9d3 is a 445cc classic pear shaped driver with innovations to the face insert, rear weight and lower cg location that deliver the best combination of speed and forgiveness. I will throw one more iron in the fire so to speak. Titleist offers an extensive selection of shafts, grips, specifications and other customization options to help you perform. The titleist tour velvet 360 degree rubber grip is the standard grip available with the 9 d2 driver. Golf monthly senior staff writer paul ohagan tests the new titleist 9dt driver.

The 9 d2 and d3 drivers are the latest in the line of titleist equipment, and feature an evolutionary leap forward from the 910, further refining all that the 910 did right and improving on the soft spots with a hotter clubface and more consistent launch characteristics between the two drivers. I think this shaft is definitely too heavy and possibly a bit long. I never hit a titleist driver before testing the 9d2. Nov 01, 2016 the titleist 917d2 has a confusing look. A fujikura blur stiff flex graphite shaft for a titleist 910 or 9 driver. When i first got the d2 in my hands the first thing i thought was wow, the balance is perfect. Titleist 910d3 driver golf club for sale online ebay. It features a highspeed forged face insert which delivers more speed over a larger area of the face. Adjustability options the surefit hosel allows fitters to adjust loft, lie and shafts.

You may like instruction use this popular training aid to improve your swing plane gear. Senior a and ladies l on golf club shafts, so these are your choices. The local titleist tech rep is the fitter there and will have a variety of shaft options to choose from. Been golfing since i was 9 or so so 50 years of golfing.

In the case of the titleist 9s, the d3s have many fewer stock options and the ones they do boast are in a heavier weight class, from 64 to 74 grams. The only issue that anyone might have had with it was that it wasnt the most forgiving driver. Titleist s wide variety of lofts, two distinct heads and impressive array of premium stock shafts makes fitting easy. Pro taylor fit nano made pga tour 65 gram graphite golf wood shafts. The titleist 9d2 driver features a 460cc full pear shaped titanium head. The 915 drivers are surprisingly long on mishits, especially the 915d2. Because every player loads and releases shafts differently, the above chart is a relative not. While there were exceptions, only one driver weve ever received for testing was shorter than 45. With the right loft and shaft options anyone can find one that works for them. Stay posted on the latest product launches, tour news, exclusive team titleist opportunities and connect with product experts. Dec 10, 2014 with its 460cc club head, wide variety of stock shaft options, and updated technology, the titleist 915d2 driver will definitely be a top performer for the average golfer willing to invest at the top end of the market. Titleist 9d2 is a 460cc full pear shaped driver with innovations to the face insert, rear weight and lower cg location that deliver the best combination of. Second, when will the new shafts for the 9 be available and have they been tested with the 910 driver. Titleist individual driver shafts for 915 917 ts2 ts3.

Titleist ts drivers and shafts custom shafts golf usa. Testing the new titleist 9 d2 d3 drivers at trafford golf centre with rick shiels pga golf coach. If you bought a new titleist 9 d2 driver, you may be able to squeeze more distance out with fine tuning. Kingswood golf club 31 kingswood park nanwell, nb 5064501234. This is the first titleist driver weve seen that we comfortably. Its immediately recognizable as a titleist driver because of the grey crown and the triangle alignment aid, but thats where it stops. Titleist surefit individual driver shafts custom fit service. It was an awesome driver that found its way into many good players bags.

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