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Marufuji defeated itami at saturdays event after hitting the pole shift emerald flowsion for the threecount at around the 34 minute mark. Marufuji finished with eight points and a four win, three loss record, including losses to nakajima, morishima, and satoshi kojima. Naomichi marufuji hits a very cleanlooking tiger flowsion on jushin thunder liger. Please click this line if you do not care and want to view it anyway. Marufuji pulls out all the stops after using the pole shift twice to no avail in their most recent matchup. You can support the development of the website and database backend via patreon. In kentas comeback match with noah, naomichi marufuji greets him with a warm welcome. Naomichi marufuji september 26, 1979 is a japanese professional wrestler. Tiger flowsion, shiranui, pole shift, perfect small package hold, shiranui kai. Marufuji wins, and devitt has blown it in the finals again. Simon watches noah 2000s page 4 unnamed wrestling forum. Naomichi marufuji wrestlers database cagematch the. Naomichi marufuji c vs kenta ghc title 12 didnt feel that match was all that important at first.

Misspelled names are mentioned here, so the workers can be found by those users who memorised misspellings instead of the correct names, too. It was more or less the feeling out process with some minor stiff spots. Naomichi marufuji who eventually used the pole shift emerald. It wasnt until an accident it started to get emotional as marufuji went for a big top rope quebrada over the railings. Then as now, marufuji was a marked outsider with much to prove. Impact wrestling naomichi marufuji finisher impact wrasslin. This weeks featured wrestler is naomichi marufuji naomichi marufuji. Hideo itami defeated by naomichi marufuji on his noah.

A top rope spanish fly, frontflip snapmare driver and pole shift in rapid succession seal the deal. But as this was always going to be, marufuji eventually unloaded his dumb shit and overly elaborate combo offense and won with a new deal, the pole shift into an emerald frosion. Jay white in 2018, and perhaps most significantly, naomichi marufuji in 2016. This text is hidden because it is only available in german language.

With four matches in the books now for both blocks, every two points is. One last random clip before i get into my next top moves list. A top rope spanish fly, frontflip snapmare driver and pole shift in rapid. Naomichi marufuji needs that pole shift, brotherantonio inoki might go well with the tanahashi slapdefinitely give misawa some of those onetwo elbowsmaybe give the akakiri to ric flairdos caras jr. Marufuji defeated the global league winner takashi sugiura on december 6 at. Based on last weeks poll, we have a tie which means both names will be featured in the following weeks. Finisher, fisherman driver pole shift, moonsault side slam shiranui kai, shiranui and tiger flowsion. Misawa comes in and puts an end to marufuji s rather short reign winning the title for the first time in over 3 years in a great match. The slowpaced, exhausted strike exchange at the end was very exciting, and then the matchwinning pole shift looked great. Im still not certain if that was intentional or just a sloppy delivery of the move, but it sure falls into place nicely and when marufuji recovers he punishes devitt appropriately. Marufuji still has those cannon fire level chops, but everything else is the same dumb contrived juniors stuff as always. In the final round, naomichi marufuji defeated prince devitt by hitting a pole shift to win the 2009 super jcup, thus winning his second consecutive super jcup tournament and earned a title shot for the iwgp junior heavyweight championship at wrestle kingdom iv in tokyo dome.

In the internet, it frequently happens that wrestler names are spelled wrong. Trained by the late great mitsuharu misawa he was joined in 1997 in all japan pro wrestling as a jobber. Noah naomichi marufuji 20th anniversary show flight events. Naomichi marufuji shows his gratitude towards wwe and triple h. Marufuji is a former threetime ghc heavyweight champion, as well as the. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Pole shift, shiranui, shiranui kai, tiger flowsion, kooh. They have a finishing run that wavers between awesome and horrible. Then in a reversal of december 2017, kenoh got in the ring, and.

Adrs finisher was a military press into german suplex. He had a couple of high profile matches with naomichi marufuji and takashi sugiura. After a back and forth match, marufuji executed a pole shift on liger to qualify for the quarterfinal. Marufuji is the first of only two grand slam champion in pro wrestling noah history. All japan 1998 to 2000 and noah 2000 to present alliances. Marufuji then, still as champion, took part in the 2014 global league. Noah naomichi marufuji 20th anniversary show flight. Taiji ishimori, 632007 this is also fun, but not quite great. But, the underlying idea seemed to be marufuji having to use the pole shift to keep him down, but there had to have been some other way to do it without wasting so many bombs.

I enjoyed this just because its hard for me to not enjoy kotaros work and even harder for me to not enjoy marufuji s work when hes actually trying, that is, so this was easily a good match. Naomichi marufuji report last updated 1207 winter real name naomichi marufuji birthdate 92679 59 176 lbs. If you buy stuff from amazon using this link, we receive a minor promotional bonus from amazon, not from you. Okada has come as long way in the three years since falling to marufuji s pole shift emerald flowsion, and would indeed redeem that loss in the autumn of 2016, but its not inconceivable that marufuji has passed a thorough scouting report to his friend and former tag partner kenta. Company vicepresident shoot naomichi marufuji, as you may recall. By orchio, july 4, 2011 in movesets start new topic. Naomichi marufuji with the emerald flowsion pole shift type 20 minutes, 33 seconds after the match, marufuji gave a long speech, basically thanking everyone for coming, saying he would win the n1, and finishing by saying if you want to see marufuji, come and see noah. The main event and the last match of the first round featured twotime super jcup winner and creator jushin thunder liger taking on previous tournament winner naomichi marufuji. Naomichi marufuji born september 26, 1979 is a japanese professional wrestler who competes for pro wrestling noah, with occasional appearances in other. Super shiranui, reverse shiranui, pole shift previous pwi 500 rankings.

Naomichi marufuji september 26, 1979 is a japanese professional wrestler who competes for pro wrestling noah, with occasional appearances in other professional wrestling promotions like ring of honor, all japan pro wrestling and new japan pro wrestling, among others. Upon his return to noah for the first time since 2014, itami, unfortunately, lost to marufuji, who used the pole shift emerald flowsion for the win. Cody rhodes, wade barrett, seth rollins and sin cara uses moves of naomichi marufuji. After the bout marufuji was greeted inring by the entire noah roster, this was lead by go shiozaki. Marufuji is pretty good as a meaner veteran abusing the new young flashy guy in shiny pants. An unheralded classic between prince devitt and naomichi marufuji. Theres some leg stuff in the that ends up being a bit of a waste but the rest of it is very enjoyable. Impact wrestling naomichi marufuji finisher youtube. Marufuji naomichi born september 26, 1979 is a japanese professional wrestler who competes for pro wrestling noah noah, where he is a former seventime ghc tag team champion, a former threetime ghc heavyweight champion, onetime ghc junior heavyweight championship, twotime ghc junior heavyweight tag team champion and a onetime ghc. This came after marufuji kicked out of the go 2 sleep.

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