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Variants of the theory claim that scalar electromagnetics also known as scalar energy is the background quantum mechanical fluctuations and associated zeropoint energies. Verbal request for summary statement on scalar waves. The polarizations of the gravitational waves are investigated by analyzing the relative motion of the test particles. Mathematically, scalar fields on a region u is a real or complexvalued function or distribution on u.

Scalar waves are a form of radio waves creating what is known as longitudinal wave interference. Technically speaking, scalar waves have magnit ude but no direction. Oclcs webjunction has pulled together information and resources to assist library staff as they consider how to handle. Reliable information about the coronavirus covid19 is available from the world health organization current situation, international travel. Quantum eld theory provided the solution to this and other problems. Therefore a theory is necessary, which includes all aspects of scalar waves and shows all characteristics correctly and completely. Solving maxwells equations contd the same result is obtained for the magnetic field b. The scalar wave laser unit should only be opened or serviced by the manufacturer and if otherwise opened the warranty will immediately be voided. Wave equation by using the laplace operator, the wellknown wave equation, according to the rules of vector analysis, can be taken apart in two parts. There is a vast array of further quantum field theory texts, many of them with redeeming features.

In the following we develop the theory of electromagnetic waves with vanishing. A standing wave of energy which is scalar is more powerful than a disrupted auric field. It is shown that a longitudinal wave is a combination of a vector potential with a sacalar potential. Scalar wave theory light is really a vector electomagnetic wave with e and b. Numerous and frequentlyupdated resource results are available from this search. Scalar wave laser and protocol quantum users guide shift your cells, organs, glands and energy into quantum space today.

The scalar wave laser swl training process is based on a quantum understanding of the body called the unified field protocol. Scalar waves are capable of passing through the earth from one side to another with no. In plain english, to make a gravity wave you cancel out 2 normal electromagnetic waves to a zero vector. At the receiving end the reverse process takes place in writing, a. We are all familiar with the common forms of energy like light, heat, sound, and electricity. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. Regarding unique, nontrivial physical effects of longitudinal waves and scalar longitudinal waves, the physical importance of the magnetic vector potential field also used in relation to quantum mechanics is also. Only such a particles can absorb the density fluctuations of vacuum and transform them into a thermal motion, i. These are forms of the 3d wave equation, describing the propagation of a sinusoidal wave.

Scalar wave theory greens functions and applications. He postulates that not only can the vortex phenomena accompanying electromagnetic fields be di. Scalartensorvector gravity stvg is an alternative metric theory that is characterized by the exchange of spinzero and spinone bosons. It will also cover everything in the advanced quantum field theory course, much of the standard model course, and will serve you well if you go on to do research. In this paper we explain that this type of waves are longitudinal waves of potentials. An electromagnetic em wave has both electric e fields and magnetic i. Scalar energy is capable of passing through solid objects with no loss of intensity. This paraxial limitation severely limits the conditions under which diffraction behavior is adequately described. Again, please do not open any of the components of the scalar wave laser base or probes, otherwise warranty will be voided.

Note that the scalar wave also violates one of einsteins fundamental postulates for the speed of our new kind of light wave is not limited to c, and need not be the same to every observer. Here for the first time magnetic scalar wave theory explains dual based pairstored information of the genetic code and a process of converting into an electrical modulation to so to say, piggyback information transfer from the cell nucleus to another cell. The first two on scalar wave theory chapter 1 and greens functions chapter 2 are mainly mathematical although in chapter 1 the wave equation is derived from fundamental physical principles. Potential theory says that if 2d potential function and it normal derivative vanish together along any finite curve segment, then the potential function must vanish over the entire plane. Schroeder, an introduction to quantum field theory this is a very clear and comprehensive book, covering everything in this course at the right level. And that this stress represented a structure or patterning in spacetime that was essentially electrogravitational. In this paper, we study the properties of gravitational waves in the scalar tensorvector gravity theory.

Figure 2, according to which the divergence of a field pointer is a scalar. However, in the scalar approach, all information about the polarization of the wave is lost. This promotes healing from the inside out at the cellular level. If realizable, the scalar wave could represent a new form of wave propagation that could penetrate sea water, resulting in a new method of submarine communications and possibly a new form of technology for asw. That is to say, the two waves are physically identical, but out of phase in terms of time. Select which scalar wave field generator is best for you. Pdf it will be shown that scalar waves, which normally remain unnoticed, are very interesting in terms of their practical use for information and. Scalar waves are unconventional waves different from the transverse electromagnetic em waves. It will be shown that scalar waves, normally remaining unnoticed, are very interesting in practical use for information and energy technology for reason of their special attributes. Scalar wavelengths are considered to be finer than. The scalar wave electromagnetic electron and cold fusion.

Einsteins general theory of relativity is a geometrical theory of spacetime. Scalar waves are also called electromagnetic longitudinal waves, maxwellian waves, or teslawellen tesla waves. What gets confusing as you follow the bearden literature. You need to provide some credible references preferably in refereed professional journals, or this thread will be deleted. Figure 1, which results from the maxwell equations, and in a scalar part grad div e. Scalar waves also are called electromagnetic longitudinal waves, maxwellian waves, or teslawellen i. There is a wide confusion on what are scalar waves in serious and less serious literature on electrical engineering. Where v is a constant equal to the propagation speed of the wave so for em waves, v. Full solution only possible in limited cases, so we have to make assumptions and approximations.

Pdf there is wide confusion about what scalar waves are both in. Meyl extended the maxwell equation and found the lost scalar wave part. And this is a learnable technique to ground yourself and create a scalar wave of energy to bring within. Theory and experiments, journal of scientific exploration, vol. More complicated problems involving spatially and even temporally varying media are briefly introduced. Quantum eld theory allows us to tackle deep questions. They appear to be stationary and undetectable using contemporary measurement instruments, but. Scalar waves also referred to as tesla waves or longitudinal waves are capable of penetrating any solid object including faraday cages. As a result, the fields in the near zone of a hertzian dipole are also longitudinal scalar wave fields. This work attempts to detect the torsion field nature of scalar wave generatedby the dual tesla coil system, using the torsion balance consistingof a wooden frame. Most authors include a paraxial smallangle limitation in their discussion of diffracted wave fields. There is wide confusion about what scalar waves are both in serious and less serious literature on electrical engineering. The word classical is here used in the sense not quantum mechanical. It has been shown that a longitudinal wave is a combination of a vector potential with a scalar potential.

Weinberg, the quantum theory of fields, vol 1 this is the rst in a three volume series by one of the masters of quantum eld theory. Speed of gravitational waves and the fate of scalartensor. The scalar wave effects would apply to ions constrained in motion along planes graphene and stripes superconductors, because just such a particles would behave like dirac fermions. About the setting up of the documentation the derivation of the scalar wave from the wave equation with the discussion of the characteristics and the consequences of information techniques, substantial to. This revolutionary lowlevel laser training approach honors the bodys wisdom, and recognizes that the nature of the body is to regenerate. Luneburg, mathematical theory of optics, university of. Scalar wave theory scalar waves are longitudinal waves of potentials. They travel faster than the speed of light, penetrating anything without decay. Let us examine the conditions for a disformal relation to arise in a generic theory of gravity.

What types of charge may exist beyond the electric charge. Mce theory, however, allows for a nonzero value for this scalarvalued expression, essentially making the potentials independent of each other, wher e this new scalar. The mathematical and physical derivations are supported by practical. Ascalartheoryof gravity had earlier been attempted by g. The region u may be a set in some euclidean space, minkowski space, or more generally a subset of a manifold, and it is typical in mathematics to impose further conditions on the field, such that it be continuous or often continuously differentiable to some order. Meyl indicates that the torsion field is the nature of scalar wave. The scalar wave laser combines the most advanced cold laser technology with state of the art quantum scalar waves to address all facets of health, dis ease and the shift toward unity plane consciousness. Scalar wave theory is a controversial theory and is considered pseudo science by most qualified scientists. Scalar energy is different from standard hertzian electromagnetic fields. The charge carriers which oscillate with high frequency in an antenna rod form longitudinal standing waves. Gravitational waves in scalartensorvector gravity theory. Where two scalar waves meet, an energy bottle is created which disintegrates all matter within that bottle, producing what is in effect a miniature atomic explosion but without any resulting radiation. A transmitter can be placed in a box of thick metal and a receiver outside of the box will still receive the scalar wave. Laplaces scalar and longitudinal wave components can be explained through the vortices maxwell used as a dampening term.

The scalar wave laser unit comes with a warranty period of 1 year from. Professor meyl has used these principles to develop development kits which can replicate some of teslas most fundamental work in energy transmission. Such a relation is ubiquitous in modern scalartensor theories 4245. Instead of running along wires or shooting out in beams, it tends to fill its environment. These types of energy have both particle and wavelike properties, and they can be measured in terms of. Vector and scalar potentials e83 where f is an arbitrary differentiable function of x,y,z,t, then.

The tesla scalar wave thus can have either subluminal or superluminal velocity, in contradiction to present theory. In addition, quantum eld theory is a predictive framework. There is a wide confusion on what are scalar waves in serious and less. It is found that the interaction between the matter and vector. The standard definition of scalar waves is that they are created by a pair of identical or replicant waves usually called the wave and its antiwave that are in phase spatially, but out of phase temporally. A linear systems approach to modeling nonparaxial scalar diffraction theory is developed by normalization of the spatial variables by the wavelength of light and by. The articles from wikipedia, below are aimed to help you understand the concept of scalar electromagnetic waves, but you should remain vigilant when reading about related topics as there are many people working hard to promote nonsense. This chapter explains that this type of wave is a longitudinal wave of potentials. The potential vortex which meyl derives propagates as a scalar wave through space.

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